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Commercial Roofing Repair 

Does your roof leak but it is not time to replace your roof?  Give us a call. Our highly skilled employees will inspect your roof and provide you with a cost-effective repair based on the age and type of roof.  Do not let a small leak became a serious roof problem that will become a costly repair later. 

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Commercial Roof Repair Services

✓ Leak Investigation & Repair

Leak investigation & repair requires a specific skill set and training. Understanding the dynamics of rooftop water intrusion takes years of experience and specialized training. When Mid-Western Commercial Roofers, Inc. conducts repairs to your roof you know that you have the most skilled and experienced team on the job.

✓ Service Contracts

We understand the importance of having a preventative maintenance program for your roof, that's why we offer our clients service contracts for regularly scheduled visits.

 ✓ Preventative Maintenance 

Some roofing manufacturers recommend a building owner to maintain a preventative maintenance program for their warranted roof. As roofing systems mature, investing in preventative maintenance now can save on major capital expenditures later.

✓ Infrared Scanning Service

An infrared Inspection is a non-destructive testing method performed to identify any moisture instrusion on a commercial roof. These surveys enable us to perform surgical repairs to the wet areas. This information is useful in planning budgets for repairs and replacements.

Why Choose Mid-Western?

  • The Best Warranty Programs Available in Today’s Market
  • Individualized, Custom Designed Full Roof Maintenance Contracts
  • Specialized Problem Solving Capabilities Often Associated with Large Commercial & Industrial Roofing Systems
  • 24-Hour Answered Telephone Line for Emergency Service

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